Safety Approval


Aseako Professional Treadmill

The Only Treadmill Built with Your Fitness, Fun and SAFETY in Mind!

We know that in-home treadmills are excellent Fitness tools. The convenience, simplicity – and just plain naturalness – of running in the privacy of your Own home can’t be topped by other fitness alternatives. But….

How ASEAKO is Changing All Your Perceptions About Treadmills!

BUT treadmills do have their drawbacks and we at ASEAKO fully acknowledge them. In fact, we designed our treadmill to be the only one that…

  • Addresses all your concerns
  • Solves them so perfectly that you won’t think the same way about treadmills

How Did We Design Your Perfect Treadmill? By Listening to YOU

We listened when you said…I’m afraid of slipping and falling!

One of the most common treadmill injuries is caused by narrow belts. Has this ever happened to you? You’re working out just fine and all of a sudden your shoe strays out onto the edge and you miss the belt. If you’re lucky you just miss a beat…if you’re not, its sprained ankle or worse.



Extra Wide Commercial Belt

A narrow belt is a concern, so the ASEAKO SPORT Power Incline Professional Treadmill’s Extra Wide Belt gives you the room and safety you need to exercise comfortably so you can focus on giving your workout everything you’ve got!

A nervous workout is not a maximum fat burning work-out! Ease your mind so you can sculpt your body with ASEAKO.


PLUS: ASEAKO brand treadmills are one of the only few available on the market that have been extensively laboratory tested and approved for AUSTRALIAN SAFETY STANDARD AS/NZS60335-1:2002 + A1 to A3

DID YOU KNOW It is an offence to sell electrical equipment, unless the electrical equipment COMPLIES with the relevant Australian Standard.

CE, TUV, GS, ROHS etc. are NOT Australian approval marks, so they have no bearing in Australia.

ASEAKO have spent enormous amounts of time and money to put the ASAEKO SPORT treadmill through the rigorous AUSTRALIAN SAFETY TESTING in a certified laboratory. It’s not easy feat to gain AUSTRALIAN SAFETY APPROVAL, which is why you will see when you look around the market, we are one of the only few companies that can claim AUSTRALIAN SAFETY APPROVAL to standard AS/NZS60335-1:2002 + A1 to A3

Don’t take the risk and bring an inferior treadmill into your home – you owe that to your families safety!

Please see a copy of the Australian Safety Approval for the ASEAKO SPORT Professional Treadmill.


We listened when you said…Treadmills are expensive

There’s no getting around it. You should NOT purchase a treadmill unless you are serious – 100% serious – about losing those extra Kgs. If crash diets are your thing and you love to jump into every new fitness fad that comes, then it’s not for you. It will only end up as an expensive clothes rack in your home.

But if you’re serious about fitness. If you’re ready to start – or go to the next level – on a LIFESTYLE of fitness, fun and energy, the ASEAKO SPORT Power Incline Professional Treadmill is the best fitness investment you can make…

01 Powerful 6.5HP Peak Motor for ULTIMATE POWER
03 Powerful Automatic Incline up to 20% gradient for EXTRA CALORIE BURNING
04 Extra Wide Commercial Belt for ADDED SAFETY
05 109 Workout programs to MIX UP YOUR WORKOUTS
06 Reflex System Technology to TAKE THE STRESS OFF YOUR JOINTS & BONES
07 MP3 Input with built in Speakers to KEEP YOU ENTERTAINED
09 5 Year Parts Warranty on Motor to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT

We Listened when you said…I’m not sure I’m getting the maximum workout with a treadmill.

Your body is smart. If you do the same workout every day, eventually your body figures out how to do it most efficiently. Your workouts become less effective, you get less bang for your buck.

The key is to vary your workouts, keep your body guessing, use interval training to vary the speed and intensity of your workouts for maximum results in the shortest possible time.

With most treadmills this is impossible. One of the main reasons most people STOP using it is that they see great results for a few weeks and then…nothing. They hit the plateau. They just can’t lose that last 5, 10 or 15 pounds.

Because their body is “on to them”.

But with the ASEAKO SPORT Power Incline Professional Treadmill you can keep your body guessing by mixing things up for maximum fat burn…


The system’s sensors show you how quickly your heart rate gets into the target range so within minutes you know that every stride you take burns maximum fat.


Choose from 109 programs to vary your workouts. It’s easy to tailor your fitness program to meet your personal training needs.


You can speed up your calorie burn by taking advantage of our motorized incline. Take it up to an incline of 20 percent and get a simple intense workout that burns fat up to 5 times faster than working out without the incline.In fact, walking briskly on the 20 percent incline will burn 300% more calories than jogging on a flat road!



And don’t underestimate the safety features when it comes to your workout results. The peace of mind, that comes without fear of falling, tripping, or slipping, is an essential mindset for a great workout!


We Listened when you said…Treadmills are boring!

Yes, even the most varied, intense or challenging work out plan on a treadmill still involves running in place. As effective and fat shedding as your exercising can be, it CAN get monotonous.

  • Did you know it’s a scientific fact that music helps you burn more calories?
  • Did you know it’s a scientific fact that music makes time seem to go faster or slower, depending on the music you’re listening to?

Use these scientific work-out facts to your advantage to burn more calories and make your workouts fly by! And the ASEAKO SPORT Power Incline Professional Treadmill can help.

The ASEAKO helps you kick your enjoyment up a notch! Make your workouts zoom by choose your favorite workout music, plugging in your iPod or MP3 player and pours out from the built-in speakers.