Top 5 Features an Electric Treadmill Must Have

When choosing and electric treadmill you should pay attention to several key points when picking one.

First of all it should be powerful, yet safe for you and your family, be customizable and durable, also you should feel yourself comfortable running on it, since you might as well spend long hours using it.

So what are the top Features an Electric Treadmill Must have?

When choosing an electric treadmill you should first of all pay attention to whether it’s safe or has been tested and approved for your local market. The consequences of using a not tested equipment may be pretty dramatic. So trying to save some extra bucks on it might not be a good idea, if it compromises the quality. Remember you are buying it for the long term, and probably for improving or maintaining your health and a trauma isn’t something that you are looking for.

Powerful and Safe

As we discussed above a treadmill should be safe, and it also should be powerful. The average walking speed of a human is about 5-6km/h, average running speed is around 10-15km/h, marathon athletes’ average running speed depending on the distance is around +20km/h. You probably won’t be setting short distance speed records on your treadmill (which is above 44km/h!), so an electric treadmill capable of doing up to 20km/h is probably the best choice for you.


It’s also wise to choose an electric treadmill that is customizable; you should be able to pick not only the speed at which you are running at but also for instance the incline of the belt. Increasing the incline means you shall be putting more energy into your walk or run, and thus burning more calories. Having different workout programs can also increase the effectiveness of your exercises.


You might probably want to run long distances on your electric treadmill, and you should feel yourself comfortable on it. One of the most common problems you might come across is a narrow belt. The belt is something you should definitely pay attention to. Having a wider belt not only provides high level of comfort while running or walking on it, but is also very important from safety perspective, especially if you are running at higher speeds. With a narrow belt you will probably have to control your every step, not to put your leg off the belt, which might result you tripping or falling down, which can be quite painful and dangerous.

Also having an option to listen to music while you’re jogging or walking is a very nice option, so it’s very nice to choose a treadmill with high quality speakers and ability to play music from your favorite MP3 device. Listening to music while on a workout both increases your effectiveness and makes the whole process a breeze.


An electric treadmill isn’t something you can afford to replace often, so you should choose one for the long run. Pay attention to its build quality and warranty and also the availability of spare parts.

For example Aseako Professional Treadmill, has a lifetime warranty on frame and motor, and also provides a wide choice of spare parts. It has a high build quality and has all the essential features to provide you with an exceptional treadmill experience. It has all the traits described above and it’s powerful, safe, comfortable and durable!

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Which Treadmill to Choose?


There is quite a wide choice of treadmills on the market today, and one might have a pretty hard time when choosing one. Let’s discuss how you can choose a treadmill that will fit your needs and your budget. While we aren’t going to compare particular brands, let’s talk about the most essential features that make a difference when deciding which treadmill to choose.

So Which Treadmill to Choose? – The Price

The price might be one of the key points many people look at when considering which treadmill to choose. Treadmill may range anywhere between 500$ to 20,000$ and even higher. So it’s really personal which treadmill you can choose depending on your budget. But the higher price doesn’t always mean that it’s the best ever choice.

So together with the price you should also think what you are expecting to do on the treadmill. If you are looking to have short walks on it every morning instead of beating Olympic records then you probably don’t need the treadmills designed for professional athletes and sportsmen. Lower price range treadmills, which cost up to 1500$ can have mostly all the features and a great build quality that you would need for your workouts at home.

The Motor

An electric treadmill usually has an AC or DC type motor, while DC motors are probably the best for home use, though they start slower than the AC motors, but they have lower noise levels, which makes them great especially if you live in an apartment or don’t want to disturb your family early in the morning. The AC motors are usually used in commercial treadmills found in gyms which are designed for constant heavy usage, but they also have much higher price tags.


With the question – “Which treadmill to buy?” you should always ask yourself – where are you going to put it. Try to find a treadmill that would fit in your house or apartment and a corner where it’s going to remain for long, it’s not that easy to move it every day. It may be a cool idea to place it even outdoors and do your jogging while enjoying the fresh air, of course you have the right place for it. Please keep reading to find out more about protecting and maintaining your treadmill.

Build Quality and Warranty

When considering which treadmill to choose you should definitely pay attention to the build quality and presence of warranty. While you don’t have to pay the high price to get a treadmill which perfectly suits your needs, it’s not the best idea to try to save much on it either. So the lower price tag should never compromise the quality, it’s a matter of wise investment and of course safety.

Warranty is also highly important when thinking which treadmill to pick, buying a treadmill is a long term investment and you definitely want to protect it.

Even the most expensive treadmills can have problems eventually, so you should consider taking care of it properly as well, dust is one of the causes that might shorten the life of your treadmill, so you should always keep it clean. You can also cover your treadmill with a nice material when not using it, it’s highly important that you do this especially if you are going to place it outdoors.

Hopefully this article is helpful for you when deciding which treadmill to choose.

Aseako Treadmill is in the low price range and is an excellent choice – it has an exceptional build quality, lifetime warranty on frame and motor, and many other great features to provide you the best treadmill experience for the value.

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